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House Red Herring has a e-mail list to keep our many, many members in contact. It is a social list, where there is light to moderate traffic over the course of a week (works out to about 3-5 e-mails a day, somtimes more somtimes less).

The rules of the Herring list are pretty simple. Most of us know each other rather well so swearing, etc is allowed. Generaly, if you don't think that it would be appropriate to the list, don't post it. Nothing else rule-wise that is of note at the moment.. But of course, sillyness is encouraged!

How do I Subscribe!?!

If you are a member of House Red Herring and you wish to be on this list you have three diffrent ways to subscribe. You can mail Eirik privately at and he can add you manualy to the list.

You can use the following box to subscribe to the Herrings list

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